shipment prep1

International Mail Service, Inc. has designed our paperwork to be as easy as possible. Filled out properly, the shipping documents will route your mail and allow us to provide an accurate, timely invoice.

Our all-inclusive pricing structure includes the inbound transit costs (shipments of 5 lbs or more) - no matter where you're located! If outside of our immediate pickup area, we'll facilitate the inbound shipping charges (UPS or FedEx via our account) or have one of our contracted LTL carriers get your mail the same day (if called by 2:00 pm EST).

Filling out the IMS Airbill (from our web portal)

  1. Go to and LOGIN.
  2. Choose "Create Airbill".
  3. Confirm your address (for those with multiple locations).
  4. Enter a unique PO or Reference number if you want it to appear on your invoice.
  5. Confirm piece count (whether exact or estimated).
  6. Check service level, enter title/description, piece count, and total weight.
  7. SAVE.
  8. Print two copies - one for your records and one to include with the shipment.
  9. Sign and date IMS copy.

Preparing a mailing for IMS pickup

For customers located within our daily pickup area, place mail in USPS tubs, corrugated cartons, or brick stacked on pallets (for larger jobs). If jobs are palletized, pallet(s) need to be stretch wrapped securely. Then fill out airbill and leave 2 copies with the mail - our driver will sign/date your copy.

Shipping mail to IMS

For shipments totaling 300 lbs or LESS: Ship via UPS GROUND SERVICE (FedEx is also an option if that's your preference) to our Kalamazoo MI address (see below) using our account number. When sending multiple boxes, please pack them to 30 lbs or more. Note that if the net weight of mail is less than 5 lbs, a charge will appear on your invoice equivalent to the UPS published commercial ground rate.

For shipments totaling MORE than 300 lbs: Place mail in corrugated cartons or USPS mail tubs and place on pallet(s). Stretch wrap pallets securely including top if using open tubs. Place an IMS pallet label (that IMS will prepare and fax to you) on each end of pallet(s). Call 800-466-6245 and IMS will schedule pickup and fax you all paperwork required by the trucking company.

Send shipments to the following address:

International Mail Service, Inc.
692 South 8th Street, Suite A
Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Schedule pickups by calling 800-466-MAIL

A note about Credit Card payments

IMS will accept MasterCard and Visa for payment. Effective November 1, 2012, we no longer accept credit card payment on balances of $5.00 or less. Invoices totaling more than $1,000 will be charged a 2.5% fee (our cost) which will be added to the invoice balance. International cards (MC and Visa) are charged a fee of 2.8% on all amounts.