additional services

We're here to help with more than just "mailing" your materials

In addition to the standard lettershop services, we also provide many "value added" services that our customers have come to depend on. From assistance with formatting international addresses to order fulfillment we have the ability and flexibility to meet your needs. Here is a partial list of the special services we provide:

  • E-invoicing within 24-48 hours of receipt of your mail (especially helpful for our wholesale customers).
  • Customized mailing summaries that detail charges for individual departments, customers, or mailings.
  • Basic address hygiene (Canadian and international) to maximize the "deliverability" of your mail (this service does not include "NCOA").
  • Canadian list processing including correction/verification, Letter Carrier Presort (LCP), and NCOA.
  • Mail piece design consultation to maximize your savings and responses.
  • Return services including the collection of undeliverable and Business Reply mail.
  • Other - you just let us know what you need!

A note to our "wholesale customers" (domestic mail house, printers, etc): IMS does not and never will offer domestic (US) mailing services. Our intention is not to compete in any way - we only offer lettershop services if our customer has no available means or access to those types of services.