The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has issued a strike notice for as early as Monday, October 22, 2018.  This is a legal formality that simply allows them to conduct isolated 24 hour strikes in one or two rotating cities.  There's also the distinct possibility that Canada Post and the CUPW will settle before then as they have mediators involved in ongoing negotiations.

IMS and Canada Post will continue to collect, process, and deliver your mail and parcels.  We've been through this before and have seen very minimal to no disruptions.  We'll continue to monitor and update the situation as needed. 

The link to updates from Canada Post can be found here.

The designated operator of Costa Rica, Correos de Costa Rica, asks us to inform the designated operators of UPU member countries that the public sector labour unions have called an indefinite strike as of Monday, 10 September. This situation may result in collection, processing and delivery delays for both inbound and outbound mail (letters, parcels and EMS).

Correos de Costa Rica thanks designated operators for their understanding and will inform them once the situation has returned to normal.

The designated operator of Japan, Japan Post, asks us to inform the designated operators of UPU member countries that it is experiencing delays in domestic transportation and delivery of mail items and parcels in the Hokkaido region (postcode: 00・04-09 ), due to the impact of the strong earthquake that hit this region in the northern part of Japan on 6 September 2018.

Japan Post is making every effort to maintain operational performance for international postal services and apologizes in advance for any unavoidable delays. It will keep designated operators informed of the situation and thanks them for their understanding and cooperation.


Poste Italiane (IT) wishes to share the following update on impacted areas, caused by the motorway collapse :

August 14th:

  • Outbound – internal flows from post offices directed to Lonate Gateway blocked in the Savona, Imperia and Genoa districts. Affected postcodes: from 16010 to 18100.
  • Outbound – internal ExportBox flows from SDA branch in Genoa directed to Lonate Gateway blocked. Affected postcodes: 16149 and 16151.
  • Inbound –  undelivered flows in area directly impacted by the accident. Affected postcodes: 16149 and 16151.
  • Inbound – critical delivery in areas west of the accident. Affected postcodes: from 16152 to 16159.

August 16th:

  • Inbound – critical delivery in areas directly involved by the accident. Affected postcodes: 16149 and 16151.

The designated operator of Indonesia, PT Pos Indonesia, asks us to inform the designated operators of UPU member countries that, as a result of the earthquake centred on Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province, on Sunday, 5 August 2018, many post offices have suffered major damage. Delays are therefore to be expected in the processing and delivery of mails, parcels and EMS items.

The affected districts and areas are in the following postcode areas (as of Monday, 6 August):

Mataram: 83000–83365;

Selong: 83600–83672;

Sumbawa Besar: 84300–84381.

PT Pos Indonesia thanks designated operators for their understanding; it will provide an update via EmIS once the situation returns to normal.