As you may remember, changes within the Universal Postal Union (UPU) were negotiated last fall to effectively change the process for member countries to compensate each other for inbound/outbound mail and parcel volumes.  This was originally projected to be a 5 year plan beginning July 1, 2020.  With that date quickly approaching, we just received the new postage rates and will need time to digest and create new rate tables along with all that goes into making the changes.  We hope to be able to communicate the new rates within a couple of weeks. 

I also want to mention what I know about upcoming changes to the Commercial ePacket service.  Currently, there are 36 countries and the USPS is seeking individual agreements with those countries but suffice to say that there will be a significant decrease in the number of countries on the list.  As of this date, there are 14 signed agreements (including Canada) and more will be added but we just don't know who or how many as negotiations are ongoing through July 1 and beyond.  We will do our best to update all customers as new information becomes available.

We fully realize that this has been an incredibly difficult time for the entire industry as deliveries have been adversely affected worldwide by COVID-19 related issues.  So we at IMS understand that the timing of this announcement flat out stinks to put it bluntly.  We'll provide updates as soon as possible.