On January 21, 2018, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is set to increase postage rates for some services.  Note that IMS processing fees will not change at this time.

Here's the approximate overall impact on IMS customer rates for the following services:

  • International Priority Airmail (IPA): 2.7%
  • International Surface Air Lift (ISAL):  2.6%
IMS rates for PMEI, PMI, and Commercial ePacket ARE NOT CHANGING at this time We don't expect changes to these services until at least late Summer 2018, however they are subject to change with 30 day notice.  The postage rates that IMS pays are based on a "Negotiated Service Agreement" with the USPS and are not calculated off the published rates or timetables for these services. 
For anyone using USPS "First Class Package International Service" (FCPIS), your postage rates from the USPS are going up about 3.9%.  This is a great opportunity to start using our Commercial ePacket service for your international packages!  We can give you door to door tracking AND save you 50% or more to 31 of the most popular countries with more being added (no, I'm not kidding!).

More information including rate charts will be going out to all customers within the next week or so.  Please let us know if you have questions or would like comparison quotes prepared at the new pricing.