Global delivery Shipping and international package sending as a world parcel concept made of a mountain of cardboard boxes as a volcanoe with a group of flags as a symbol of fast service.The United States Postal Service (USPS) has just introduced new service options for consolidated volumes of PMEI and PMI packages.  "Priority Mail Express International Presort Drop Shipment" and "Priority Mail International Presort Drop Shipment" services (aka PMEI & PMI Drop Ship) are brand new and very aggressively priced to compete.  Combined with IMS integration, you get the absolute best of both worlds - ease of use and the lowest rates ever!  Some highlights include:

  • IMS all-inclusive rates will save 35-55% compared to PMEI-PMI Retail (depending on volume, package weight, and country destination).
  • Maximum package weights of 66-70 lbs (to most countries).
  • Door to door tracking at
  • Low minimum volume requirements.
  • Consistent delivery via the most reliable network in the world.

Most are aware of our very popular "Commercial ePacket" service that includes door to door tracking to 29 of the most popular countries (just added Hong Kong this month).  One of the limitations however, is the 4.4 lb maximum package weight.  This is where the new Drop Ship services will compliment perfectly as the weight limit is 66-70 lbs (most countries) along with the availability to most countries worldwide.

All of the above services are available to either Endicia or PC postage subscribers.  Once integrated with IMS, you can choose all "consolidator services" right from the international menu.  IMS customers can also print the PMEI and PMI labels directly from our web portal (just as current).

I know discounts of this kind are unprecedented in our industry and that's why we're so excited to bring this to our customers!  Keep in mind that if you work closely with a USPS Account Manager we can make joint calls (as USPS "Postal Qualified Wholesalers").  We really value our relationships with the USPS and are happy to team up whenever possible.

Please contact me - I'd be happy to discuss and offer an analysis of your international parcel costs and show you what we could offer.  Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing from you!

Mark Bouman, Business Development

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