On paper, the Commercial ePacket (CeP) sounded like the perfect option for small package shippers who needed to balance cost with tracking and timely delivery.  Well, after 6 months and tens of thousands of packages sent, the results are very impressive!  Customers are saving 50% or more compared to First Class Package International (FCPI) and getting tracking. 

The following chart details tracking data from a block of 2,908 packages.  All results are included (no “cherry picking” the faster deliveries) - actual tracking numbers are available upon request.  A package was considered “delivered” upon the first attempt.

Pkgs in sample* Scan rate Avg delivery 
(business days)
Australia 482 97% 8.2
Belgium 27 100% 4.7
Canada 1,067 99% 5.6
Denmark 30 87% 4.5
Finland 36 89% 5.8
France 76 87% 4.2
Germany 74 92% 5.5
Great Britain 521 97% 4.7
100% 2.8
Israel 112 94% 8.9
Italy 49 94% 7.6
Netherlands 29 100% 5.1
New Zealand 79 100% 4.2
Portugal 21 90% 7.2
Singapore 42 95% 6.0
Spain 63 98% 4.5
Sweden 73 99% 4.0
Switzerland 48 100% 5.5
COLUMN TOTALS: 2,908 97.1% 5.9
* Note that Croatia, Estonia, Gibraltar, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, and Malta did not have at least 10 packages in the sampling and were not listed.  Packages to these countries however ARE included in the total scan rate and delivery averages.

How does someone get the tracking data? 

Simply go to www.usps.com and enter your tracking number (assigned by Endicia when you print your label, prefixed by “LX”).  You can enter up to 35 packages at a time.  Below is a sample of the tracking data:

93fa6c09 a267 486d 8e59 152bf0f65c3e

USPS adds BRAZIL to the list! 

Beginning September 28, 2015, customers can use the ePacket service to send packages to Brazil.  From what we’ve heard from customers, this will prove to be very popular.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Latin America is the second fastest growing ecommerce market in the world.  And at the heart of that growth lies Brazil.  Beware however that private shipping carriers often include surcharges that aren’t billed until after a package has been shipped.  This is why the United States Postal Service (USPS) is a great option for lightweight residential deliveries.  See the entire article here.

Start shipping within a week!

If you’re interested in using Commercial ePacket in your business, please contact us - it’s very easy to get started.  The only system requirement is to be using ENDICIA PROFESSIONAL shipping software.  Unfortunately, Stamps.com is unable at this time to provide the consolidator integration necessary to print the unique labels.

To insure the best possible pricing, please provide a snapshot of your volume - both current and projected, along with the weight range and primary destinations.  We’ll put together a plan to get you shipping within a week or so.