The following service is now available through IMS for the "International Priority Airmail" (IPA) service.  Customers must be integrated using Endicia Professional PC postage.  Consult with IMS if not currently set up and we'll get you started saving and tracking!

What is Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International™?


Available to select countries only

Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International™ (eDelcon) service is provided at no additional charge to the following countries only:

  Online Shipping label /   PC Postage Purchased at Retail
Australia yes no
Austria* yes no
Belgium yes no
Brazil* yes no
Canada yes no
Croatia yes no
Denmark* yes no
Estonia yes no
Finland yes no
France* yes no 
Germany yes no
Gibraltar* yes no
Great Britain and Northern Ireland yes no
Hungary yes no
Iceland* yes no
Israel yes no
Italy* yes no
Latvia yes no
 Lebanon  yes  no
Lithuania yes no
Luxembourg* yes no
Malaysia yes no
Malta yes no
Mexico* yes no
Netherlands yes no
New Zealand yes no
 Norway  yes no 
Poland* yes no
Portugal* yes no
Saudi Arabia* yes no
Serbia* yes no
Singapore yes no
Slovak Republic   yes no
Slovenia* yes no
Spain yes no
Switzerland yes no
 Turkey  yes no

*Service Temporarily Suspended

The electronic version of Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International (eDelcon) is available only through USPS-approved PC Postage vendors, Click-N-Ship, USPS® meter label solution (formerly known as Click-N-Ship for Business®), Web tools, and Global Shipping Software (GSS) or other USPS-approved software.

First-Class Package International Service™ (FCPIS) items paid for at post office retail counters and being mailed to eligible countries listed above can be tracked using the barcode of the PS Form 2976 (customs form) which begins with the prefix LC.

What is Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International (eDelcon)?

Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International (eDelcon) service provides tracking information which includes the date and time an article was delivered or, if delivery was attempted but not completed, the date and time of the delivery attempt. You can the check the delivery status of an item by going to and clicking on the "USPS Tracking" feature.

This service is designed to improve customer service and strengthen the business-to-customer commerce channel. It is available for First-Class Package International Service (FCPIS) items and the following Priority Mail International Flat Rate items:

  • Flat Rate Envelope
  • Legal Flat Rate Envelope
  • Small Flat Rate Envelope
  • Window Flat Rate Envelope
  • Padded Flat Rate Envelope
  • Small Flat Rate Box
  • DVD Flat Rate Box
  • Large Video Flat Rate Box

What Other Standards Apply to Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International Service?

The following additional standards apply to Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International service:

  • Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International service may not be combined with any other international extra services.
  • No refunds, inquiries, or claims are offered, and indemnity is not provided.
  • Customers are not able to obtain tracking information by contacting the U.S. Postal Service by telephone.
  • Postage Payment Methods
    • Mailers may pay for Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International items by using postage validation imprinter (PVI) labels, postage meter imprint, USPS-approved PC Postage, Click-N-Ship postage, or permit imprint.
    • Customers may apply postage with a customer meter.
  • Price Eligibility
    • Only items paid with USPS-approved PC Postage (with the exception of Click-N-Ship) or permit imprint are eligible for the applicable Commercial Base or Commercial Plus price for the postage portion of the mail piece.
    • Electronically generated customs forms that are not generated with PC Postage or a permit imprint, (i.e., USPS® meter label solution (formerly known as Click-N-Ship for Business®) or Web tools) or that are generated with Click-N-Ship are charged the retail price.